Anonymous said: I don't like ss either but I would never talk to someone like that... at least deathcore is better than that underground 80's shitty dad rock that you listen to you faggot bitch.
I replied:

This “shitty dad rock” you speak of is far superior to deathcore in every way. And I don’t only listen to classics, I listen to grindcore as well. There’s actually a crazy good new band called Noisem. But I bagged on deathcore and Mitch Lucker because I see it everywhere on tumblr and it’s ridiculous that such an talentless musician is being credited for being fucking Jesus himself. And for deathcore, that’s a whole other topic of wrong. Chugging guitars that a 5 year old can play, over br00tal vocals, and cheesy death lyrics. All of this for what? Just to be br00tal with fucking overuse of breakdowns. Where metal is an eloquent painting drawn by a magnificent artist, deathcore is a stick figure drawn with fecal matter drawn by a teenage baboon.

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This album is a classic, check it out! Tumblr has a big lack of Napalm Death so I’m spamming it out now with some fucking old school grindcore.




Overkill and Motorhead